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A record $1.1 billion is being invested in Indigenous programs, services and initiatives this financial year, with New South Wales today becoming the first state to publish its own Interim Indigenous Expenditure Report (IER).

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Harmony Day – A message from Head of AA


Dear all,

Today is Harmony Day, a day on which we celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. A day to acknowledge and respect the many different cultural and religious backgrounds of modern day Australians. A day of belonging for all.

21st March is also the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Hence today is especially significant for First Nations people in Australia. As the traditional owners of this country, proudly continuing to practice the world’s oldest living cultures, spirituality and languages, First Peoples have a unique place in today’s national celebrations of diversity and inclusion.

Today we honour, respect and celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ strong and lasting connection to country, to culture, to spirituality – because they are a unique and important part of the culture and identity of our nation.

Aboriginal Affairs is a diverse and inclusive workforce. Harmony Day reminds us that we must respect, appreciate and celebrate our rich and varied experiences, ideas, opinions and values, because it is this diversity that enables us to learn, innovate and deliver positive outcomes for our community.

I encourage you to participate in Harmony Day celebrations in your local communities. Today I will be reflecting on ways we can further promote safety, belonging and appreciation in Aboriginal Affairs. I would welcome the opportunity to hear your ideas about this, and learn more about your culture, your language and the unique experiences that you bring to our organisation. It is these individual differences that make Aboriginal Affairs such a fantastic place to work.

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