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OCHRE a continuing conversation

The second three years – Local Decision Making

In 2013, the NSW Government released OCHRE (Opportunity Choice Healing Responsibility Empowerment) – a community focused plan for Aboriginal affairs. As OCHRE continues to grow, it is important that Aboriginal communities continue to lead the conversations about what is working, what isn’t working and what can be done better. One of the most important ways of doing this is through evaluation. The first three years of the 10 year evaluation are now complete. The evaluation found that OCHRE is doing well, but there are areas for improvement to strengthen policy and practice. The community owned reports can be found here.

The NSW Government is committed to continuing to work alongside Aboriginal peoples to truly transform the relationship between community and government and to continue to make OCHRE stronger.

To this end, the second cycle of the evaluation has commenced and will be a four year cycle ending in June 2023. Local Decision Making is the focus of this second cycle and will see Aboriginal communities and government coming together to co-design solutions along with way that benefit Aboriginal culture. The end result will be solutions that are co-owned and strong.

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