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Aboriginal Affairs NAIDOC Grants Program


The theme for NAIDOC Week in 2024 is Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud.
Applicants can apply for grants of $500 to $3,000 (excluding GST) for the hosting of activities and events during NAIDOC Week that celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, culture and achievements, and align with the theme of NAIDOC Week in 2024.

Events and activities must be held between 7 July 2024 and 30 November 2024

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When can I apply for funding?

Apply now Apply now

Applications open Monday, 4 March 2024, 10am

Applications close Friday, 12 April 2024, 12pm

Late applications will not be considered or accepted unless Aboriginal Affairs NSW, in its sole discretion, determines that it is in the interests of the fairness of the program to accept the late application. See the FAQs for more details.

How much can I apply for?

Applicants can apply for grants from $500 to $3,000. Aboriginal Affairs NSW has allocated $250,000 for NAIDOC Grant funding in 2024.

Who can apply?

Aboriginal Affairs NSW NAIDOC Grants, where possible, are distributed to Aboriginal run and controlled organisations.

Eligible applicants are:

  • Incorporated not-for-profit organisations registered with NSW Fair Trading under the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (NSW).
  • Aboriginal Corporations registered under the Corporations (Aboriginal Torres Strait Islanders) Act 2006 (Cth).
  • Not-for-profit companies incorporated in Australia under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).
  • Local Aboriginal Land Councils established under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 (NSW).
  • NSW local councils operating under the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW)
  • Incorporated cooperatives (incorporated under state/territory legislation, and commonly have ‘Cooperative’ in their legal name).
  • Incorporated trustees on behalf of a trust, including Catholic School trusts.
  • Unincorporated Aboriginal groups that have entered into an agreement with an eligible organisation to auspice the funding.

Applicants must be located in NSW and/or delivering a service to communities within NSW.

Applicants must have public liability of at least $10 million per claim.

Applicants not eligible for funding are:

  • An Individual.
  • Federal and state government agencies and bodies, including public schools and hospitals.
  • NSW Public Schools (see note below).
  • For-profit organisations, including Aboriginal businesses.
  • Unincorporated Aboriginal organisations or groups without an eligible auspicing organisations.

NSW Public Schools

While NSW Public schools are not an eligible applicant to the Program, projects may be held on NSW Public School grounds and/or for the benefit of a school community where the applicant is an eligible organisation (e.g. an incorporated not-for-profit Parents & Citizens organisation, incorporated Aboriginal Education Consultative Group etc).

Unincorporated groups

If an unincorporated Aboriginal group wishes to apply for a 2024 NAIDOC Grant, it will need to partner with an eligible organisation to receive and administer the funding. The eligible organisation must apply on behalf of the unincorporated group.

Guidelines and Resources

For further information, including what can be funded and selection criteria, download the following supporting documents:

2024 NAIDOC Grants Program Guidelines
Step by Step Guide for Applicants
Frequently Asked Questions

Apply now Apply now

Applications are to be completed online (from 4 March 2024) at

NAIDOC Grants Program Information Session

An information session for grant applicants will take place on Monday 4 March 2024 from 10am-11am. Find out more and register.

Support and contacts

If you have any questions regarding the Aboriginal Affairs NSW NAIDOC Grants, please contact your nearest Aboriginal Affairs NSW regional office on the phone numbers below:

Batemans Bay      02 8575 1013

Tamworth            02 8575 1172

Coffs Harbour      02 8575 1068

Broken Hill            02 9228 4877

Bourke                 02 9228 4877

Dubbo                 02 8575 1073

Newcastle            02 8575 1680

Sydney                 02 9228 4796        




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