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OCHRE a continuing conversation

The Steering Committee

The steering committee oversees and supports the work of the independent team at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research, ANU, as it continues the conversations with Aboriginal communities and all those involved. The steering committee provides specialist advice on plans and reports and helps to solve issues as they arise so that the best possible approach is taken.

If you are an Aboriginal community member and you have a concern about the way the conversations about OCHRE are being handled, try to resolve the matter by talking to members of the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research team, or alternatively you can email the Secretariat at:

If none of those options work, you can ask the Chair of the steering committee, Dr Lynette Riley, for a chance to address the committee.

Contact Dr. Riley by email or by calling 0412 307 210.

The steering committee meets up to four times a year.

After each meeting the main outcomes are made public – including a specific reference to any issue an Aboriginal community member has raised directly with the committee.

The steering committee members are:

The steering committee ex-officio members are:

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