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Local Decision Making Partnership and Collaboration Conference

Optimising community leadership. Sharing decision-making. Building better partnerships.

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The inaugural Local Decision Making Partnership and Collaboration Conference was held on 14 and 15 November 2016 at the Cypress Lakes Resort in the Hunter Valley.

Hosted by Aboriginal Affairs, the conference formed part of the Local Decision Making initiative under OCHRE, the NSW Government’s community-focused plan for Aboriginal affairs.

The conference brought together more than 130 representatives from the NSW Government and Aboriginal regional alliances. Participants had the opportunity to hear at first hand from national and international first nation leaders and to workshop ideas for ways to improve community leadership, share decision making power and build better partnerships.

A key aim of the conference was to strengthen relationships between the NSW Government and Aboriginal regional alliances, and to develop a shared long-term vision for Local Decision Making.

Conference program and final report

Conference Program


2017 Final Report

Guest Speakers

Mr Rahui Papa, Waikato-Tainui (New Zealand)
Mr Rahui Papa’s keynote presentation explored the thinking and the actions that have returned the Maori to positions of influence in politics, culture and the economy in New Zealand, and the wider benefits that has brought for Maori society and New Zealand in general.

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Dr Allen Benson, Native Counselling Services of Alberta (Canada)
Dr Allen Benson’s presentation drew on the model of building individual, family and community relationships used by Alberta’s Native Counselling Services. He explored strategies for creating meaningful, productive partnerships through the model’s principles: reclaiming our interconnectedness, reconciliation of damaged relationships, and repatriation of the power to self-determine.

A copy of the presentation that Dr Benson delivered can be found below.

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