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Industry Based Agreements

A new regional approach to Industry Based Agreements

To further support local and regional economic participation outcomes, the NSW Government is now trialling a regional approach to Industry Based Agreements in two Local Decision Making sites.

Regional Industry Based Agreements will bring together Aboriginal regional alliances, the NSW Government, industry and/or employers in Local Decision Making sites to negotiate and implement Agreements, which support the economic participation of Aboriginal people and communities.

Local Decision Making is an initiative of OCHRE which aims to ensure that Aboriginal communities have a genuine voice in determining what and how services are delivered to their communities. Local Decision Making places Aboriginal regional alliances at the centre of service design, planning and delivery.

By aligning Regional Industry Based Agreements with Local Decision Making, Aboriginal Affairs can ensure that Agreements are negotiated consistent with the principle of self-determination, giving Aboriginal regional alliances the opportunity to negotiate with government, industry and/or employers to create local and regional economic participation opportunities.

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