Support is available for those affected by the NSW floods. Resources and information can be found at the NSW Flood Assistance and Resources page.

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The NSW Government is committed to a 12-month consultation process with Aboriginal communities on their aspirations for a Treaty framework or other formal agreement making process, to be led by three dedicated Commissioners.

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CLIRP Aboriginal Infrastructure Funding


The record-breaking flooding that occurred in parts of NSW in February-March 2022 has had a significant impact on communities.

Funding of $150 million was approved for a 2022 Community Local Infrastructure Recovery Package (CLIRP) (the Package) jointly funded by the Commonwealth and NSW governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA).

The CLIRP will be delivered in two stages: The Priority Needs Program (PNP) and the Essential Community Assets Program (ECAP).

The PNP will provide funding to assist with the repair, reconstruction and minor resilience building measures for Aboriginal community infrastructure. In addition, applicants may apply for funds to undertake damage assessments and planning and design work that may be necessary to participate in the second stage of the CLIRP ECAP.

The $30 million Priority Needs Program will be delivered in community-specific streams as follows:

$6 million Aboriginal Priority Needs Program

$12 million Arts and Culture Priority Needs Program

$12 million Sports Priority Needs Program

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