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Important information about COVID-19 and Kimberwalli

Project Background

In 2015, the NSW Government committed $20 million to establish an Aboriginal Centre for Excellence in Western Sydney to support one of the NSW Government’s key aims; to ensure Aboriginal people, their families and communities are at the forefront of economic development in Western Sydney.

The Centre’s New Name – Kimberwalli

The project was established under the working title ‘Aboriginal Centre for Excellence’ until December 2018 when it was re-named Kimberwalli meaning ‘many stars’ in Darug language. The new name honours Aboriginal language and recognises the role of stars in Aboriginal storytelling and learning, navigating country and following lore to sustain culture and well-being. The name also recognises young Aboriginal people can be the stars of their own destiny.

Kimberwalli will walk alongside young Aboriginal people as they navigate their future.

Kimberwalli Programs and Services

Kimberwalli is a unique initiative to support young Aboriginal people in Western Sydney to transition from school to education and/or further employment.

Kimberwalli is currently in its establishment phase and the full scope of its programs and services are being determined. When it opens in 2020 it will offer young Aboriginal people:

To learn more about the current programs on offer at Kimberwalli – Follow our Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can learn more about Kimberwalli programs or partnership opportunities by contacting the Partnerships Officers below:

Renee Thomson
Ph: 0436 638 366
Email: Renee.Thomson6@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au

Blake Tatafu
Ph: 0436 918 118
Email: blake.tatafu6@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au

Kimberwalli Values

The development of Kimberwalli is guided by five core values:

Excellence and Innovation – We are future-focused, brokering new opportunities in excellence, innovation, entrepreneurship and Aboriginal cultural intelligence.

Partnership and Leadership – We seek collaboration and connection in new and innovative ways with community, business and government to support our young leaders to shine brightly.

Choice and Opportunity – We are engaging and exploring far-reaching initiatives to dream new futures with our young people now and for generations to come.

Identity and Culture – We are grounded in Aboriginal culture and its values guide all we do. We are nurturing young people’s identity and resilience through cultural strength.

Healing and Connection – We are building a place of pride which recognises our history, Elders and community.

Working in Partnership

One of Kimberwalli’s guiding principles is working in genuine and meaningful partnership with Aboriginal community members and organisations.

Project Advisory Committee

The Project Advisory Committee (PAC) was established in 2017 to ensure the voices and aspirations of young Aboriginal people in Western Sydney are reflected in the design and development of Kimberwalli. The committee was made of eight young Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people with connections to Western Sydney. Their achievements over their two term included:

Aboriginal Owned Businesses

Kimberwalli has been built by Aboriginal people for Aboriginal people. 14 Aboriginal businesses (with 51 per cent ownership) played a role in developing the centre including; Kevin O’Brien Architects, PSG Holdings, Orana, Merge, Yalagan, ABCO, Bunjil Energy, Indigi Bins, Geared Up Culcha, iDiC, We Create, TQCSI Yaran, Winya and Black Logic.


Kimberwalli is located on Darug country on the site of the old Whalan High School at 1 Mimika Avenue, Whalan.

For more information please email: kimberwalli@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 8610 6800

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