NSW Data Connector Service

Making it easier for Aboriginal communities to access Government-held data and information.

To make a data or information request, email CTGPriorityReform4@tco.nsw.gov.au

What is the NSW Data Connector Service?

The NSW Data Connector Service is one part of a joint program of work between the NSW Government and the NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peaks Organisations. It was established in 2023 as part of a 2-year program to meet commitments under the National Agreement on Closing the Gap Priority Reform 4. The service aims to empower Aboriginal people by providing them with information about their communities to inform their decisions and future plans.

The Data Connector Service is made up of Data Connectors, many of whom are Aboriginal, who work across several government departments. The purpose of the Data Connector Service is to provide a single point of contact for Aboriginal communities and organisations to request access to government-held data. There is also a central team, based in The Cabinet Office, that supports and oversees the service.

Where did the idea for a NSW Data Connector Service come from?

In 2021, people from Aboriginal Community-Controlled Organisations, Regional Alliances and NSW Government met to consider feedback from communities during Closing the Gap consultations. These meetings were referred to as the Data, Reporting and Evaluation Officer Level Working Group.

They agreed to make a plan to make it easier for Aboriginal communities to access and use data. The group co-created a joint program of work that was then funded and included in the 2022–2024 NSW Implementation Plan for Closing the Gap.

The NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peaks (NSW CAPO) and NSW Government are working together to deliver the Plan. They are the Joint Priority Reform Four Project Team (the Team).

As part of the plan, the Team will develop a proposal to reform NSW data systems and operating models for the longer term. The goal is to make it easier for Aboriginal communities to access and use data in the future.

How will Data Connectors support Aboriginal communities and organisations?

Data Connectors are available to be your first point of contact. They will listen to you to understand what you need. They will then work with you to find and access data. If NSW agencies are not able to share data or you don’t get data that is useful, they will work to understand changes that could be made to improve the data Aboriginal communities and organisations will have access to in the future.

Data Connectors know that some of the data you are asking for that is held by NSW Government agencies is about you and your community. They also know that Aboriginal people have a right to access this information. They will work with you to make sure that the privacy of everyone involved is protected.

What data and information can be accessed?

Governments hold many different types of data and information. Some of this data is made available to the public, while other data is more restricted.

Note that there are some other pathways to access data and information, including the Government Information Public Access Act (GIPA) process. Depending on the nature of your request, the Data Connector Service can provide you with advice on how to proceed.

Contact us

The Data Connectors invite you to reach out for a yarn about what data you need or provide any information or advice on how to make a data request. To get in touch, email CTGPriorityReform4@tco.nsw.gov.au and we will connect you with the individual Data Connectors relevant to your data or information request.

Further information

Data Mapping – making government-held data more visible

The Team is developing a Data Map concept, to provide a picture of the data and information NSW government agencies hold that is relevant for Aboriginal communities and organisations. The aim of this is to support communities in identifying what data they may want, and to create greater transparency and accountability for Aboriginal communities. The creation of the Data Map will be community-led to ensure it is easy to understand, relevant, and useful for communities across the state.

If you are interested in seeing an early draft of the Data Map concept or want to shape what information and data we prioritise to put into the map, please contact CTGPriorityReform4@tco.nsw.gov.au and we will set up a time to show you some concepts and hear your thoughts. We respect your knowledge and time and commit to keeping you updated on our progress as the Data Map is developed.