2022-24 Implementation Plan

The second NSW Closing the Gap Implementation Plan 2022 – 2024 captures the NSW Government’s greater focus on all 17 socio-economic outcome targets.

To support delivery in partnership and fulfil commitments under the National Agreement, a comprehensive partnership governance structure was established between NSW Government and Aboriginal stakeholders, including the NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peaks Organisations 

A total of 142 initiatives, 48 initiatives associated with the 5 Priority Reforms and 94 initiatives associated with the 17 Socio-Economic Targets have been identified across government for delivery through the Closing the Gap partnership.

Initiatives have been developed recognising that NSW is not on track to deliver its Closing the Gap socio-economic outcome targets, with less than a quarter of these targets tracking in a positive direction in NSW

Through the 2022 NSW Budget process, $221 million has been allocated to support the delivery of Closing the Gap. These funded initiatives form part of the initiatives outlined in the 22-24 NSW Implementation Plan.

You can find our complete NSW Closing the Gap Implementation Plan 2022-24 here.

.The link above contains the current version of the NSW Closing the Gap Implementation Plan is current as of 16 June, 2023.

We have also made a Summary Version of the Implementation Plan here.