Closing The Gap In NSW Artwork

Working together on Country (Closing the Gap)

Artist: Jenni McEwen, Acrylic on canvas – 2021
Working together on Country (Closing the Gap) Acrylic painting by Jenni McEwen

This artwork encompasses the areas of NSW (N, S, E, W).

Artist Statement:

Circles represent people coming together within their communities. Circles with lines (message sticks) are the elected representatives (chosen from communities) to relay their messages to the wider community and organisations.

The message stick communicates the importance of the holistic approach to housing, health, education and employment.

The centre of the painting is the elected representatives from the communities and other representatives around the table, to discuss “closing the gap” in moving forward together.


The colours represent the land, flora and water.

North: aquas, greens and orange.
South: browns and yellow.
East: blues, aquas and yellow.
West: burnt earth, oranges and green.