NSW Partnership Agreement

A new Closing the Gap Partnership Agreement to strengthen relationships between government and Aboriginal organisations was signed on 12 February 2024 by the NSW Government, NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (NSW CAPO) and Local Government NSW (LGNSW).

The new Agreement builds on the National Partnership Agreement, signed March 2020, and the National Agreement on Closing the Gap signed in July 2020. It acknowledges the landscape and dynamics specific to NSW and provides guidance on what partnership looks like in the NSW context.

The Agreement highlights NSW’s commitment to Closing the Gap and achieving tangible outcomes for Aboriginal communities. It demonstrates the importance of embedding the principles of partnership in NSW.

The Agreement will ensure that the NSW Government works in genuine partnership to achieve our shared goals and ambitions to improve outcomes for Aboriginal people and communities across NSW.

This NSW Partnership Agreement recognises that at the centre of the National Agreement are four Priority Reforms, with a fifth NSW specific Priority Reform, that focus on changing the way governments work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and that these Priority Reforms must be implemented.

The Priority Reforms will:

NSW Closing the Gap Partnership Agreement

National Agreement on Closing the Gap