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Solution Brokerage

Solution Brokerage is an initiative of OCHRE, the NSW Government’s community-focused plan for Aboriginal affairs.

Under the Premier’s memorandum 2015-02 – Solution Brokerage, the Head of Aboriginal Affairs has the power to declare an issue to be one for Solution Brokerage. Once an issue has been declared, an Officer In Charge is appointed to manage the development and implementation of a response plan within six months.

Under Solution Brokerage, response plans can be tailored to match the complexity and scale of an issue. Responses are graded in three tiers. A Tier One response is for local issues, specific to a community; Tier Two is for more complex local or regional issues, and Tier Three for major policy reform, including state-wide issues.

Premier’s Memorandum

The Premier’s memorandum empowers Aboriginal Affairs to coordinate Solution Brokerage across government and requires NSW Government agencies to work flexibly with Aboriginal Affairs to implement Solution Brokerage response plans.

The Premier’s memorandum is available here The Premier’s memorandum is available here

For an issue to be declared a Solution Brokerage issue, it must:

  • Be a current issue
  • Require several agencies to be engaged
  • Have the potential to bring about significant benefit or avoid significant harm
  • Be capable of a sustainable solution which can be implemented within six months
  • Be managed within existing agency resources

Key documents

The Solution Brokerage policy and operational framework sets out the whole-of-government operational and accountability arrangements for the delivery of Solution Brokerage. The framework provides context and defines what solution brokerage is, how it will operate and the requirement of NSW government agencies to actively participate.

Policy & Operational Framework

Fact Sheet on Solution Brokerage

FAQs about Solution Brokerage

Diagram explaining the process

About the Eden Accord

Issues declared under Solution Brokerage

Eden Solution Brokerage

Lead agency: Aboriginal Affairs

Purpose: To resolve the long-standing issues for the Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) from the 1999 Eden Regional Forest Agreement including in relation to the management of public land, economic development opportunities and access to conservation lands for cultural purposes.

Status: Complete.

About the Accord About the Accord      View the Accord View the Accord      View the Report View the Report

Aboriginal Community Land and Infrastructure Project (ACLIP)

Lead agency: Department of Planning and Environment.

Purpose: To remove barriers in the planning system to improve the provision and ongoing management of municipal services in 59 Aboriginal communities, mainly located in remote and regional areas of the state. The project is exploring management and funding options to ensure that Aboriginal communities enjoy the same levels of services that exist elsewhere in NSW. ACLIP is also identifying ways to ensure the planning system better recognises the economic potential of land owned by local Aboriginal land councils. A response plan is expected shortly from the department.

Status: The response plan is now being prepared.

Integrated early childhood model for the Murdi Paaki

Lead agencies: Department of Education (Early childhood) and Aboriginal Affairs

Purpose: To develop an integrated and sustainable early childhood service delivery model for the Murdi Paaki region.

Status: Delayed.

Building community resilience in Bowraville

Lead agency: Department of Planning and Environment

Purpose: To respond to the complex needs of the Bowraville community following the murders of three Aboriginal children. This project aims to resolve a broad range of issues identified through community consultation in relation to service accessibility, community transport, economic opportunity, anti-social behaviour and isolation for Aboriginal people living in the Aboriginal mission outside Bowraville.

Status: A response plan is now being prepared following extensive consultation with the Bowraville community.

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