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The NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Regional Alliances (NCARA)

The NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Regional Alliances (NCARA) is comprised of nominated representatives from each of the NSW Aboriginal Regional Alliances established to have an increased say in government service delivery, exchange ideas and consider common issues, as well as providing leadership and advocacy where and when necessary. The primary focus of the NCARA is to:

  • Advocate on issues that relate to the application of policy, program delivery and funding for Aboriginal peoples in regard to basic and essential services.
  • Promote discussion and consider common issues.
  • Identify risks and opportunities.
  • Strategically plan for the future needs of Aboriginal communities.
  • Coordinate and collaborate on priorities across the regions.
  • Support the aspirations and achievements of regions, including providing mutual support for participating and emerging regional alliances.

The NCARA meet on a bi-monthly basis with peak bodies and government stakeholders in an effort to build and strengthen the relationships needed to deliver tangible outcomes for Aboriginal people across NSW.

The NCARA also distribute a bi-monthly regional alliance newsletter which details the outcomes of meetings, recent alliance news and upcoming dates.

Accord Signing and Negotiations

Media Release 8 March 2019 - NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Regional Alliances Sign Landmark Accord with NSW Government

For more information about NCARA, please contact:

Email: localdecisionmaking@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au

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