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Good Governance Guidelines

The OCHRE Good Governance Guidelines were developed to assist the NSW Government and Regional Alliances to work together to strengthen governance capacity within both Aboriginal communities and the public sector.

The Guidelines explain the steps that both Regional Alliances and the NSW Government need to take to progress through the different phases of Local Decision Making.

In January 2017 Aboriginal Affairs engaged Cox Inall Ridgeway to undertake an Independent Review of the Guidelines. The Review provided an opportunity to further scope and clarify the good governance principles required to progress through the phases of Local Decision Making, giving consideration to the ever evolving governance environment and capacity development needs of Regional Alliances and the NSW Government.

The Guidelines have now been revised to strengthen explanations of the role and responsibilities of government stakeholders, to provide stronger references to and explanation of the governance environment and capacity development, and to articulate how principles for each phase can be demonstrated, including the expansion of the self-assessment tools to cover all phases of Local Decision Making.

Further consultation is needed to define how regional alliance and government stakeholders might demonstrate the good governance principles for Phase 2 (Planning Delegation) and 3 (Implementation Delegation) of Local Decision Making. The Guidelines are evolving document and will continue to be updated as Local Decision making progress.

The current revised Guidelines can be found here.

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