Accord Negotiations

Accords between NSW government agencies and regional alliances participating in Local Decision Making are the mechanism to:

  • Re-define the relationship between government and Local Decision Making communities, where information and decision-making is shared.
  • Direct service delivery redesign and reinvestment according to the needs and priorities defined and negotiated between government and regional alliances.
  • Demonstrate to communities the commitment by government agencies to the aims and objectives of Local Decision Making.

Murdi Paaki Accord

The first Local Decision Making Accord was signed between the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly and the NSW Government at Government House on 19 February 2015. The Accord was signed on behalf of the state of NSW by the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and on behalf of the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly by then Chair, Mr Sam Jeffries. It outlines agreed actions to address the needs and priorities negotiated between the Assembly and the NSW Government.

View the Murdi Paaki Accord

Murdi Paaki Local Decision Making Accord Negotiation Evaluation

A process evaluation of the MurdiPaaki Accord negotiation has been completed by the Cultural & Indigenous Research Centre Australia. Engaged by Aboriginal Affairs, the evaluation identified a number of strengths and areas for improvement.

View the Murdi Paaki Local Decision Making Accord Negotiation Evaluation Report

In early 2017, the Three Rivers Regional Assembly and the Illawarra Wingecarribee Alliance Aboriginal Corporation both entered into Accord negotiations with the NSW Government.

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