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In 2013, the NSW Government released OCHRE (Opportunity Choice Healing Responsibility Empowerment) – a community focused plan for Aboriginal affairs.

To support and inform the policy changes that flow from OCHRE we have built a research agenda for our time which outlines eight main focus areas of research.

Our agenda makes a calculated and, perhaps, historic shift in emphasising hope over despair, aspiration over services, and placing the transformation of the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and government at its centre.

Our agenda reflects our desire for a new narrative in Aboriginal affairs and demonstrates our commitment to embedding Aboriginal voices and perspectives into policy development and implementation. We cannot do this on our own. The extended research community will be critical in delivering the evidence that supports Aboriginal communities and the NSW Government to work together to determine what works, what’s worth trying and what success looks like.

Our research agenda, Transforming the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the NSW Government 2018-2023, can be found here.

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