Evaluation Publications

Evaluation theories and approaches; relevance for Aboriginal contexts

This report provides the key findings of a literature review undertaken by the Social Policy Research Centre (UNSW Australia) to inform the methodological and ethical approach to the OCHRE evaluation. The report provides an overview of research and evaluation paradigms, the different types of evaluations, and the different stances taken to discern between these types of evaluations. The review has a particular focus on Indigenous evaluation theory and practice. The authors note that research and evaluation has tended to be viewed with hostility and suspicion by most Indigenous communities, although this can be mitigated through community controlled approaches. The recent growth in decolonising research approaches has led to the development of strict protocols and standards for researchers undertaking research in Indigenous communities. However, the research literature has acknowledged that achieving these standards can be very challenging, and that some are in tension with each other. Furthermore, there is little consideration about how to implement these standards in practice. Although the literature recognises that qualitative research methods have been traditionally favoured in Indigenous research and evaluation projects, the use of quantitative and economic evaluation methods is increasing, and can be used effectively if implemented in accordance with community protocols. The review concludes by recognising the potential for research and evaluation to be used as a resource for Aboriginal communities to advocate for their needs, for self-determination, and for the maintenance of language and culture.

OCHRE – Approach to evaluation

This report explains the approach that will be taken to evaluating local decision making alliances, opportunity hubs, language and culture nests, and industry-based agreements – all of which are components of the NSW Government’s OCHRE strategy.

Evaluation of negotiations for the Murdi Paaki Local Decision Making Accord

This report publishes the findings of an evaluation, conducted in partnership with the Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA), of the negotiations which led to the Murdi Paaki Accord. The report identifies strengths and weaknesses in the process, and suggests how it can be improved.

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