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Opportunity Hubs

Opportunity Hubs aim to provide Aboriginal young people with the confidence and knowledge to follow a supported pathway between secondary school and further education and/or employment. To achieve this outcome, Opportunity Hubs are building partnerships between schools, employers, education and training providers and the local community to coordinate and match employment, training and further education opportunities to individual students’ aspirations.

Non-government Opportunity Hub service providers have been contracted to coordinate and broker links with schools, employers, training providers, support services and Aboriginal communities, to deliver improved outcomes for Aboriginal young people, including increased:

  • Participation and retention at school;
  • Aspiration and expectation of career pathways for Aboriginal students;
  • Post-school enrolment in further education and training; and
  • Placement in sustainable jobs.

The Opportunity Hubs have been established in the Campbelltown, Dubbo, Tamworth, Upper Hunter regions, Liverpool and there will soon be an additional Hub to service the Greater Western Sydney area.

These sites were chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Existence of strong Aboriginal leadership;
  • Significant or growing proportion of Aboriginal students in school populations;
  • Real and sustainable employment opportunities;
  • Real opportunities for NGO and business sector buy-in;
  • Available career champions and mentors; and
  • VET or tertiary education providers.

The establishment of Opportunity Hubs followed extensive consultations with local Aboriginal communities and education and training stakeholders within the Opportunity Hub regions. A tender process was conducted to select the Opportunity Hub service providers. The successful contractors are:


MTC Australia
Contact: Rachael March
T: (02) 4645 8700 or 0448 094 634


Souths Cares
Contact: Kelly Pulevaka
T: 0433 376 791

Upper Hunter

Aboriginal Employment Strategy Limited
Contact: Raylene Price
T: 0499 112 669


Contact: Brooke Mallison
T: 0448 613 166


Tamworth Local Aboriginal Land Council
Contact Fiona Snape
T: (02) 6766 9028

Want to know more?

Should you have questions relating to Opportunity Hubs please forward your query to the nominated contact officer in Training Services NSW:

Charlene Davison, Manager Aboriginal Initiatives

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