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Recruitment of Aboriginal Languages Trust Board

The NSW Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 became law on 24 October 2017 and is the first legislation in Australia to acknowledge the significance of First Languages. Aboriginal languages are important to NSW First peoples and all people in NSW. The Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 seeks to promote, reawaken, nurture and grow Aboriginal languages across NSW. Aboriginal languages strengthen connections with culture and identity and improve the wellbeing of First Peoples.

An Aboriginal Languages Trust is to be established.

As part of the Act the NSW Government are now seeking to appoint a skills based Aboriginal Languages Trust Board to provide a focused, coordinated, and sustained effort in relation to Aboriginal languages activities at local, regional and State Levels. The Board is to consist of between 5-11 members. A person is eligible to be a member of the Board if they:

  1. Are an Aboriginal person, and;
  2. Have skills relevant to the functions of the Trust; and
  3. Have appropriate standing in the Aboriginal community

Applications are being sought from people with appropriate standing within the Aboriginal community, who are strong contributors with excellent interpersonal skills. The NSW Government is seeking to create a board comprised of individuals with diverse skills and experience who are able to contribute broadly and work together effectively. Knowledge in the areas of Aboriginal language, PR/marketing, legal, financial, IT, HR, governance and risk would be of value. Prior experience on a board or committee would be seen as highly desirable.

The Chair is responsible for leading the activities of the Trust Board. Ensuring the Board performs its functions, all members contribute and facilitating frank and open discussion. They will liaise and share information with Ministers, Secretaries and other stakeholders. It is expected the Chair has previous experience as a Chair on boards or committees.

How to Apply

To be considered as a Member or Chair (please specify which) please send your CV, cover letter and response to the two target questions below (limited to no more than 400 words per question):

  1. Outline the skills, qualifications, work and board experience you possess that are relevant to the functions of the Trust as defined by The Aboriginal Languages Act 2017.
  2. Outline your experience with and contribution to the Aboriginal community in NSW. Particular focus should be placed on any experience in actively participating in Aboriginal language activity in NSW.
  3. Click here to download the Recruitment Pack.


This is an identified position for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. All applicants must be of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander decent. Aboriginality is a genuine qualification authorised under Section 14(d) of the Anti-Discrimination ACT 1977.

For more information please contact Claire Crawford Tel: (02) 9233 1200.

Please send an application quoting Ref No. 68792 to Watermark Search International.
Email: search@watermarksearch.com.au

Closing date: 27 September 2019.

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