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Future Directions

The Aboriginal Languages Bill passed both houses of Parliament and was assented as the Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 by the Governor on 24 October 2017, making it law.

Aboriginal Affairs NSW are currently planning the next phase of implementation of the Act, which includes forming an Aboriginal Languages Establishment Advisory Group to ensure that Aboriginal languages community stakeholders guide the establishment of the Act, particularly the Aboriginal Languages Trust and strategic plan.

The nine-member ALEAG has been formed and includes language experts and community stakeholders from across NSW, with members endorsed by the Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs.

The ALEAG encourages participation and contribution from all community members and groups. The group seeks to establish a process for ongoing conversations with community.

Conversations with Aboriginal communities will continue to inform the future direction of Aboriginal languages in NSW. Please keep an eye on the website for more details.

A working group will also be formed with representatives from federal and state government agencies and NSW Aboriginal peak bodies to also assist in the establishment phase.

Aboriginal Affairs NSW would like to thank all our community stakeholders and those who participated in the consultations for their assistance in the Bill becoming law.

For further information, please contact the Aboriginal Languages Team at Aboriginal Affairs NSW on 1800 019 998 or conversation@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au