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Aboriginal Languages Trust

The Aboriginal Languages Trust is a NSW Government Agency established under the NSW Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 to provide a focused, coordinated, and sustained effort in relation to Aboriginal languages activities at local, regional and State levels.

The functions of the Trust are defined in the Act, and include the promotion of language activity, identifying priorities for language activity, managing the funding of, and investment in language activity, promoting education and employment opportunities in language activities and to promote the wider use and appreciation of Aboriginal languages. The Trust will also work with other Government agencies to provide advice and guidance on Aboriginal languages, and with the Geographical Names Board on the use of Aboriginal languages in the naming of geographical places in NSW.

The Trust is also responsible for preparing a five-year strategic plan for the growth and nurturing of Aboriginal Languages. The plan is to be submitted to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs by March 2022. More information on the establishment of the Trust including contact details and a new website will be available soon.

Aboriginal Languages Trust Board

The affairs of the Trust will be managed by the Aboriginal Languages Trust Board. Following an extensive recruitment process, the inaugural Aboriginal Languages Trust Board commenced their five year term on 9 March 2020. The appointments were made with consideration given to having a diverse array of skillsets, experience and representation from different language groups across NSW.

The Board members are:

  • Mr Jason Behrendt (Chairperson)
  • Prof Lindon Coombes
  • Ms Patricia Ellis
  • Mr Raymond Ingrey
  • Ms Fiona Kelly
  • Dr Raymond Kelly
  • Dr Lynette Riley
  • Ms Catherine Trindall
  • Mr Clark Webb

Collectively, the Board members bring a diverse and unique skillset to Board proceedings with a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on to effectively undertake the functions of the Trust as prescribed in the Act. With the Board appointed and the Act proclaimed, the Trust can officially be established and efforts to grow and nurture Aboriginal Languages in NSW can be further supported and strengthened.

For further information about the Trust, please email or call 1300 036 406. 

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