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Opportunities for consultation on the Aboriginal Languages Trust draft Strategic Plan 

Jason Behrendt, Chair of the Aboriginal Languages Trust talks about the draft Strategic Plan

The draft Strategic Plan

The Aboriginal Languages Trust was established following the commencement of the Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 (NSW) on 5 March 2020.

The role of the Trust is to provide a focused, coordinated and sustained effort in relation to Aboriginal language activities at local, regional and State levels.

The Trust’s Board was appointed in March 2020 and comprises nine leading Aboriginal language speakers, educators and advocates, each with unique experience and representation of different language groups across NSW.

Since then the Board has developed a draft Strategic Plan which incorporates feedback from:

  • Aboriginal communities during state-wide consultation on the Aboriginal Languages Act 2017 (NSW)
  • further consultation with community language stakeholders and government agencies
  • the knowledge and experience of Board members.

Proposed as both aspirational and achievable, the draft Strategic Plan sets out the Trust’s ambition for Aboriginal languages in NSW over the next five years.

The Plan also covers the Trust’s proposed Values, Goals and Focus Areas.  

Opportunities to provide feedback on the draft Strategic Plan

During the course of 2021, the Trust will be offering stakeholder groups a range of opportunities for consultation on the plan, taking a staged approach with outreach through surveys, meetings and individual discussions, and a special event to be announced later this year.

If you would like to talk to the Trust about its draft Strategic Plan and learn more about how you can provide feedback, please get in contact on 1300 036 406 or via email

With your input the Trust will help to ensure Aboriginal languages thrive again in NSW.


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