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Strengthening communities through Local Decision Making


Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Leslie Williams today said that reforms to increase local decision making are helping Aboriginal communities build stronger links with NSW Government agencies.

Mrs Williams today met with members of the Local Decision Making Regional Chairpersons Committee to discuss progress on the NSW Government's Local Decision Making (LDM) reforms.

We want to work with local Aboriginal groups to deliver better outcomes for their communities,” Mrs Williams said.

We recognise that no two Aboriginal communities are the same, which is why six Aboriginal regional alliances have formed across the State. The alliances are working with NSW Government agencies to set priorities and coordinate the delivery of services.

In March this year the NSW Premier Mike Baird issued a memorandum requiring all NSW Government agencies to work respectfully, constructively and cooperatively with the alliances. Agencies must negotiate openly and share service provision and indicator data.

NSW Government agencies will now develop Accords with the regional alliances. It is a model that has been used successfully in other countries including Canada and New Zealand.

This is a huge step forward for NSW. Our reforms aim to decrease the duplication of services, increase the effectiveness of service delivery and increase the skill and capacity of local governance bodies.

Local Decision Making is now being implemented across six sites including Far Western NSW, the Illawarra and South East, the North Coast, the Central Coast, the Central West, and the New England and North West.

In February, the Murdi Paaki Regional Assembly in Far Western NSW was the first regional alliance to sign an Accord with the NSW Government. More information can be found on the Local Decision Making page of our website.

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