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The NSW Government is committed to a 12-month consultation process with Aboriginal communities on their aspirations for a Treaty framework or other formal agreement making process, to be led by three dedicated Commissioners.

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NSW Government Response to the Report on Reparations for the Stolen Generations in NSW: Unfinished Business


On 2 December 2016, the NSW Government tabled its response to the General Purpose Standing Committee No 3 Report on Reparations for the Stolen Generations in NSW: Unfinished Business.

This response officially acknowledges the enduring trauma caused by historic government policies and practices of removing Aboriginal children from their families, communities and culture.

The response delivers a comprehensive package of supports including:

  • a monetary Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme offering ex gratia payments to surviving Stolen Generations members removed by or committed to the Aborigines Welfare Board up until its abolition in 1969;
  • a Stolen Generations Healing Fund to support address intergenerational trauma; and
  • direct financial support to existing Stolen Generations survivor organisations.

These initiatives will be developed in early 2017 to commence 1 July 2017.

Summary Fact Sheets outlining the Report can be found here and the NSW Government Response here.

The Unfinished Business Report can be found here.

The NSW Government’s full response to Unfinished Business can be found here.

For more information please contact Aboriginal Affairs on 1800 019 998 or via email to

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