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NSW Budget to work on Unfinished Business


More than $46 million in new funding has been allocated to Stolen Generation survivor reparations, extending the existing NSW Government commitments made in 2017 in response to the Unfinished Business Report.

This funding will ensure the NSW Government’s response to Unfinished Business continues to be fully resourced to deliver individual and collective reparations to Stolen Generation survivors.

The bulk of this new funding – $38 million – will be for individual reparations and funeral assistance payments under the Stolen Generations Reparations Scheme. 

It is evident there are more Stolen Generation survivors in NSW than the initial research had indicated. The additional funding will ensure the Scheme is fully resourced so all eligible Stolen Generation survivors who come forward will receive reparations and funeral assistance payments.

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Don Harwin said the NSW Government is committed to ensuring Aboriginal Stolen Generation survivors receive reparations for the terrible harm they suffered because of the past governments’ assimilation policies.

“Whilst no amount of money will ever undo the suffering Stolen Generations survivors experienced, this new funding will ensure every survivor who is eligible under the Reparations Scheme will receive a payment,” Mr Harwin said.

The NSW Government has committed $300,000 to extend the Stolen Generations Advisory Committee for a further two years. This extension will ensure that Stolen Generations survivors will continue to speak and advocate directly to Government on the issues that impact Stolen Generation survivors and Aboriginal Community members.

New funding of $4.5 million has also been allocated to digitising and indexing Aborigines Welfare Board records. By improving record accessibility, Stolen Generation survivors and other Aboriginal people seeking familial information will benefit immensely. 

This new funding brings the NSW Government’s commitment to Stolen Generation survivors to a total of $146 million over 10 years.

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