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Australia Day 2018 - Message from the Head of AA


To all my AA colleagues and your families,

Australia Day is tomorrow and the discussion about it in the media has been extensive and divisive. That’s why the Executive and I think it is important to share with you some of our thoughts about your work and this day.

Every single day you support the cultural expression and aspirations of Aboriginal people in NSW in everything you do – in conversations, in policy, and in creating new knowledge and practice.

It fills me with pride to work alongside a dedicated team that is delivering such critical work.

Our Aboriginal cultures are amongst the world’s oldest – something to be proud of, practised and celebrated every day.

It is important to recognise that, despite the prevailing negative discourse, these cultures have endured and continue to flourish because of the resilience of Aboriginal people and communities.

While Australia Day comes and goes, we have important work to do every day, and the work you do is making an impact.

Tomorrow we will stand together and draw on the strengths of the many Aboriginal cultures that exist in our agency and across NSW.

And we use this strength every day to engage in conversation, to build relationships, to heal and to create a more cohesive and compassionate society.

However you choose to acknowledge this day, may you, and your family and friends, have a safe weekend.

Jason Ardler
Head of Aboriginal Affairs (NSW)

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