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Our Structure

Our people – management and structure

Aboriginal Affairs is led by the Head of Aboriginal Affairs, Jason Ardler who is responsible to the Secretary of the Department of Education for the management of all resources, programs and performance of the agency.

There are five Directorates in Aboriginal Affairs, each led by a Director.

  • Policy and Reform Directorate – Haylene Grogan
  • Community Partnerships Directorate – Mark Conlon
  • Strategy and Coordination Directorate – Lou-Anne Lind
  • Regional Coordination Directorate – Steven Gal
  • Healing and Reparations Directorate – Rachel Ardler

The Registrar of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act is an independent statutory appointment. The Registrar receives support from the Office of the Registrar Aboriginal Land Rights Act whose staff are Aboriginal Affairs employees.

View our organisation chart (2018)

Code of Conduct and Dignity Respect Charter

The Code of Conduct is a practical document that helps staff resolve ethical dilemmas that might confront them in their employment with AANSW. The Agency’s Code of Conduct offers guidance regarding its expectations of its staff in relation to ethical conduct. All permanent and temporary employees and contractors are required to act in the spirit of the Code. In addition, AA has committed to a Dignity and Respect in the workplace Charter. AA is committed to building a capable and responsive workforce that is representative of the community we serve. This means creating an environment where the diversity of all of those who work for us and those to whom we provide a service is respected. All employees have a right to work in an environment that is free from all forms of bullying. Every employee has the right to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their background, beliefs or culture, and to work to their highest potential.

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