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Improving Research & Evaluation Practice


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A summary of research practice- literature, challenges and research gaps

On 1 March, 2018, Professor Ilan Katz summarises the literature in the area of research and evaluation practices with Aboriginal peoples and communities, the practice challenges, and areas where research is needed.

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Good policy is transformative and liberating

In his keynote address, Craig Ritchie, the Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, talks about research needed in Aboriginal affairs and reflects on how policy making system can be recalibrated on the basis of a better understanding of Aboriginal culture.

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Learnings from research practice and research gaps

On 1 March, 2018, with a focus on government funded research and evaluation, Professor Ilan Katz provides an overview of current principles and guidelines on ethical practices in research with Aboriginal people and communities, identifies issues related to implementing those principles, and identifies areas where further research is needed to better understand the complexities, dilemmas, strengths and benefits of conducting good quality and ethical Indigenous research.

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Research is our friend

On 1 March, 2018, Mick Gooda argues that familiarity with government processes, understanding that government does not stay still, and planning research knowledge transfer are critical to the success of any research endeavour.

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