Cultural Capability of NSW public servants


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A summary of cultural capability – knowledges and processes

On 1 March, 2018, Dr Gabrielle Russell- Mundine summarises the literature and practice on cultural capability including the capability of New South Wales public servants. Dr Russell- Mundine encourages us to think critically about the knowledge that frames conversations about cultural capability and the process through which these conversations occur.

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Cultural capability – the promise of more

Dr Gabrielle Russell-Mundine discusses the importance of understanding what cultural capability means for Aboriginal peoples across different contexts and locations. She challenges us have a different conversation about cultural capability that includes being open to diverse knowledges and ways of doing, and to work to achieve congruence between the skills, knowledge, behaviours and the systems required.

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Valuing Aboriginal public servants

In February 2018, Jeff McMullen AM and Jason Ardler, Head of Aboriginal Affairs NSW talk about the role Aboriginal public servants play as “cultural attachés” caught in the space between their responsibility to your employer and expectations of their community.

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