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New Knowledge

As the NSW Government agency focused solely on promoting economic, social and cultural opportunities for the State’s Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal Affairs NSW seeks to increase knowledge about Aboriginal communities and to evaluate relevant government programs.

Our work is supported by an advisory group which brings together academic experts in areas of interest to Aboriginal Affairs.

Our research – high quality, accountable, ethical – reflects their knowledge and their voices.

Those working in our research and evaluation program:

  • Conduct primary research to fill gaps in knowledge and gain evidence for policy and strategy
  • Summarise existing evidence to inform new policies and planning
  • Evaluate projects and initiatives to ensure they deliver improvements
  • Analyse data to provide information about Aboriginal peoples and communities

As part of our commitment to bring Aboriginal voices into government decision making, we provide the means for Aboriginal people and communities to share their wisdom, and experiences directly. This information can be found here.

Our research agenda, Transforming the relationship between Aboriginal peoples and the NSW Government 2018-2023, can be found here.

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