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Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation host NAIDOC celebrations at Penrith

Penrith’s 2020 NAIDOC Week celebrations, held and hosted by the Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation (SRAC) in Penrith, were welcoming, inclusive and safe events for local community members.

The larger community event promoted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing, health and healing as a key contributor to empowering community. Overall education about Indigenous cultures, peoples, and post-invasion histories were at the forefront of the 2020 NAIDOC Week celebrations.

Steve Trist with cultural artefacts at the Sydney Region Aboriginal Corporation’s
2020 NAIDOC event in Penrith

greeted with a Welcome to Country facilitated by a descendent of a local Elder from the region, and a display of traditional artefacts such as weapons, tools and other important cultural items made for a highly engaging experience for the community – especially for children,” said Taiana Waddell Scanlan, Services Coordinator at SRAC.

Meals and refreshments such as Johnny Cakes and damper were another highlight of the event, with Elder’s particularly appreciating the Elder’s café.

Funding of $3,000 from Aboriginal Affairs NSW was used to purchase event catering, facilities for safe cooking and eating as well as accessories and decorations for the community event. In light of COVID-19, funding was also used to buy COVID-safe items such as hand sanitisers, face masks and high-quality cleaning items and utensils.

"Overall, it was such a fantastic day which would not have been possible without the assistance from Aboriginal Affairs NSW,” said Mrs Waddell Scanlan.

The NSW NAIDOC Grants is an initiative administered by Aboriginal Affairs NSW that aims to celebrate Aboriginal history, culture and achievements during NAIDOC Week. Through grants ranging from $500 to $3,000, eligible organisations are supported to promote greater awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history and culture within their broader local or regional community.

Damper cooking at the fire pit

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