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Students and staff embrace Gomeroi culture at Kogil Street Preschool

Some of the more intimate and special NAIDOC events from 2020 included those hosted by Kogil Street Preschool, a small school in Narrabri, north-west NSW.

With a particular focus on Gomeroi language, dances, stories and culture, young children from all backgrounds were taught important cultural knowledge from local Elders and other strong community members. The event sparked immense curiosity from the children as they engaged in important open conversations about Aboriginal culture and history.

Children creating their rainbow serpents

During the week, students and staff experienced a number of important cultural ceremonies such as the smoking ceremony and Acknowledgement of Country, both of which were facilitated by local community members. They also learned traditional dances and stories as well as songs in Gomeroi language. An afternoon BBQ with local Elders completed a fantastic day of cultural learning, a refreshing experience for students and staff alike.

Funding of $1,000 from Aboriginal Affairs NSW ensured that both staff and students at Kogil Street Preschool received an engaging and empowering experience of Aboriginal culture.

“The grant helped fund catering for the event, pay for cultural facilitators and buy cooking and cleaning utensils – and even contributed to our NAIDOC cake, which was an obvious favourite amongst the children!” said Ms Heidi Harper, Director of Kogil Street Prechool.

“It was sad that we couldn't have a larger event, however the day was all about the children. I’d like to sincerely thank Aboriginal Affairs NSW and in particular Toni Ross for the support,” she said.

The NSW NAIDOC Grants is an initiative administered by Aboriginal Affairs NSW that aims to celebrate Aboriginal history, culture and achievements during NAIDOC Week. Through grants ranging from $500 to $3,000, eligible organisations are supported to promote greater awareness and understanding of Aboriginal history and culture within their broader local or regional community.

Kogil Street Preschool’s NAIDOC cake

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