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OCHRE a continuing conversation

Have Your Say

There are a number of ways you can have your say – including letting people know when things are not going as expected.

If you want to be part of the conversations about the Local Decision Making process, Language and Culture Nest or Opportunity Hub in your area, you can either contact the Aboriginal Affairs staff listed below, who will pass on your information to the Social Policy Research Centre’s team who have been appointed to have the continuing conversation with Aboriginal communities and all those involved. Or you can contact the team directly by email or by calling 02 9385 4058.

How to contact Aboriginal Affairs staff

How to contact OCHRE Project Managers

To contact the Project Manager for the Local Decision Making Process call Bindi Cormack on 9561 1242 or email

To contact the Project Manager for the Opportunity Hubs call David Morrant on 9244 5010 or email

To contact the Project Manager for the Language and Culture Nest call Mary Senj on 9244 5866 or email

If you have a complaint

If you are concerned about the way the conversations are being undertaken, you can contact:

The steering committee can assist if you don’t get your concern resolved by anyone listed above. Contact by email or by calling 02 9561 8223.

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