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OCHRE a continuing conversation

The second 3 years 2019-2021

The approach

In this second three years we will work to weave together the threads that make up Aboriginal and Western knowledge systems, approaches and philosophies. This approach will help ensure that policies, programs, and services are co-owned and co-produced by communities and that such threads possess both cultural integrity and public confidence. The objective of the approach is to enable the needs and expectations of both Aboriginal groups and of the government to be met.

Co-design conceived in this way, allows for the convergence of world-views, creating a space for these equally valid perspectives to come together for collective and positive disruption. At its core, co-design in the context of the OCHRE evaluation requires a redistribution of power and a focus on co-produced innovation (rather than providing comment on a ‘solution’ proposed by government).

The Blueprint

The evaluation will commence with a Blueprint that spells out the overall purpose of the evaluation, what it will focus on, and how it will proceed. Once agreed the blueprint will provide the starting point for Aboriginal community members, public servants and others interested in continuing the conversation about the particular LDM to come together to negotiate, exchange, co-design and co-produce local processes and plans with the independent evaluation team at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research at the Australian National University so that the evaluation delivers what is needed.

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