OCHRE a continuing conversation

Evaluating implementation

The approach

The OCHRE Approach to evaluation 2015 is a living document broadly outlining the next 10 years and providing detail on the plan for the conversations about implementation.

The evaluation plan

The evaluation plan sets out how the evaluation will occur. It includes the considerations in the design, the scope and details of the first stage – implementation and early outcomes. The plan is a living document and will develop over time in conversations with both the NSW Government and the communities involved.

Collecting information

The evaluation plans provide the details of what information will be collected on Country and how this information will be collected. The plans are provided under the heading ‘Evaluation Plans’ on the Social Policy Research Centre, University of NSW’s website.

View the reports here

Findings and recommendations

The findings and recommendations from the evaluation of the implementation and early outcomes are provided under the heading ‘Site Reports’ on the Social Policy Research Centre, University of NSW’s website. There is a full report and a summary report for each of the programs included in the evaluation and a report that synthesises the findings across these programs.

The reports are made available with the approval of the local Aboriginal communities involved and belong to the members of those communities.

For information about the evaluation reports contact Ilan Katz, at the Social Policy Research Centre, at Ilan.Katz@unsw.edu.au or call (02) 9385 7810. Ilan is responsible for the independent evaluation. For information about the NSW Government’s response email Lou-Anne Lind at Aboriginal Affairs NSW at Lou-Anne.Lind@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au or call (02) 8362 6616.

View the reports here

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