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Frequently asked questions

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  • What is Kimberwalli?

    Kimberwalli is a unique initiative to support young Aboriginal people in Western Sydney to transition from school to education and/or further employment.

  • How do I find out more about Kimberwalli?

    Stay up-to-date by following Kimberwalli on Facebook.

  • Where is Kimberwalli located?

    Kimberwalli is being built on the site of the former Whalan High School in Western Sydney.

  • Who is managing the refurbishment?

    Pacific Services Group (PSG) successfully tendered to build Kimberwalli. PSG is an award winning, wholly owned Aboriginal business with more than 150 employees nationwide.

  • Who is Kimberwalli’s architect?

    Kevin O’Brien designed the refurbishment plans for Kimberwalli. Kevin is a highly qualified and award-winning architect with over 20 years’ experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia.

  • Which organisations are developing Kimberwalli?

    There are currently 14 Aboriginal businesses (with 51 per cent ownership) developing Kimberwalli. They are:

    • Kevin O’Brien Architects
    • PSG Holdings
    • Orana
    • Merge
    • Yalagan
    • ABCO
    • Bunjil Energy
    • Indigi Bins
    • Geared Up Culcha
    • IDiC
    • We Create
    • TQCSI Yaran
    • Winya
    • Black Logic.

    It is anticipated additional Aboriginal owned business will be employed as the project progresses.

  • Who is the Project Advisory Committee?

    Young Aboriginal people are the cornerstone of Kimberwalli. The Project Advisory Committee (PAC) is a group of eight young Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who are consulted on Kimberwalli goals, programs, services and stakeholders. The PAC is integral to the success of Kimberwalli.

  • What programs and services will Kimberwalli offer?

    The programs and services Kimberwalli will offer are currently being determined.

  • Who is funding the project?

    Kimberwalli is supported by a $20 million commitment from the NSW Government and is currently under the custodianship of Aboriginal Affairs NSW until it can become a community-controlled entity.

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