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  • What services will the ACE offer?

    Everything about the ACE is being developed in partnership with Aboriginal community members in Western Sydney, including what services the ACE will deliver. This co-design process is still underway including the development of partnerships with other organisations and businesses.

  • What won’t ACE deliver?

    In keeping with community feedback, the ACE won’t duplicate existing services in Western Sydney but will partner with organisations and businesses as needed.

  • Who has partnered with the ACE?

    Conversations with potential partners have taken place and are continuing to happen with many and differing organisations. When the ACE team can formally announce them, we will update the website.

  • Who is currently involved in the ACE?

    Aboriginal communities are the cornerstone of ACE. From the outset, the NSW Government has intended that the community owns and operates the ACE, which must reflect the lived experience of Aboriginal communities. The project is being guided by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC), which is made up of ten young Aboriginal people.

    Aboriginal Affairs NSW has key responsibility for getting this project off the ground and is working with Aden Ridgeway, from Cox Inall Ridgeway, to shape this innovative community project.

    The long-term goal for the ACE is that it will be an Aboriginal community controlled organisation.

  • Who is the architect?

    Kevin O’Brien is the architect who has developed the plans in partnership with the PAC and the ACE team and will manage the refurbishment of the ACE site. Kevin is a highly qualified and award-winning architect with over 20 years’ experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across Australia.

  • Who will do the refurbishment?

    Pacific Services Group (PSG) successfully tendered to build the Aboriginal Centre for Excellence. PSG is an award winning, wholly owned Aboriginal business with more than 150 employees nationwide, with more than 35 per cent being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders.

  • Where has the money come from?

    The ACE was first announced by former Premier Mike Baird in 2015, who committed $20 million to its establishment.

    The idea came about to support one of the NSW Government’s key aims, which is to ensure that Aboriginal people, their families and communities are at the forefront of economic development in Western Sydney.

  • How do I find out more about the ACE?

    The best way to stay up to date on ACE activities is to follow the ACE on Facebook @westernsydneyACE or you can email us at

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