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The Legislation

On this page, you’ll find information about what will make up the proposed legislation. For more information on what is legislation, please see this legislation fact sheet.

How Legislation Works

Languages Bill Cycle

About the Legislation

The draft First Languages Legislation will have two parts:

First Languages underpin Aboriginal identity and their revival and teaching must accord with Aboriginal culture and lore. The proposed legislation is about the NSW Government working in partnership with Aboriginal communities to support the revival of First Languages, and raise awareness of First Languages amongst the broader NSW population.

Statements of Acknowledgement

The First Nations Legislation starts with acknowledgement statements, including:

Strategic plan

A five-year Strategic Plan will be developed that focuses on funding, programs and partnerships for the growth and development of First Nations Languages. The Strategic Plan will outline the practical activities to support First Language revival, and the teaching and sharing of First Languages. Government agencies will also be held accountable for implementing their commitments through annual reporting to Parliament.

Possible areas for inclusion in the Strategic Plan could be:

NSW First Languages Centre

The Centre for First Languages of NSW will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Strategic Plan, and the legislation as a whole. The Centre for First Languages of NSW will work in partnership with Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests, regional language centres, schools, universities and government on First Language revival.

The Centre for First Languages of NSW will, in the first instance, be a business unit of Aboriginal Affairs, rather than a formal building or entity.


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