OCHRE: Aboriginal Affairs Plan


The Minister for Aboriginal Affairs

The Hon Leslie Williams, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs is responsible for OCHRE’s major initiatives including Aboriginal Language and Culture Nests, Industry Based Agreements, Local Decision Making and Opportunity Hubs.

The Hon Adrian Piccoli, Minister for Education is responsible for Connected Communities.

A Partnership Approach

In August 2011, the NSW Government established the Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs to provide advice on possible areas of reform in education, employment and service delivery and accountability.

The Taskforce embodied the NSW Government’s commitment to genuine partnership with Aboriginal communities by bringing together Cabinet Ministers, senior officials from the public service and key Aboriginal representatives and specialists.

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What Aboriginal communities said

In 2012, the Taskforce:

  • Hosted two rounds of community consultation which included 27 community and industry workshops and meetings and was attended by some 2,700 people.
  • Received 207 written submissions from a wide variety of contributors including Aboriginal community organisations, land council’s, NGOs such as the Minerals Council for NSW, the Local Government and Shires Association, Business Council of Australia, schools, businesses and individuals.
  • Received 427 completed surveys about proposed Taskforce initiatives.
  • Met on nine occasions to deliberate on key issues raised by Aboriginal communities to inform the development of a new Government plan.

Aboriginal communities and other key stakeholders expressed a strong desire for change and the need for Government to build a genuine and sustainable partnership with Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal organisations. There was also strong demand for effective co-ordination to prevent the duplication of government and non-government services and a strengthened focus on education and employment, as keys to overcoming Aboriginal disadvantage.

Throughout the consultations, Aboriginal people repeatedly raised the importance of respect for Aboriginal culture and need for healing to address the impact of trans-generational trauma as a result of colonisation and the policies and practices of successive governments.

To access a copy of: Getting it Right, the findings of the Round Two Community Consultations for the NSW Ministerial Taskforce on Aboriginal Affairs click here.

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A number of key service delivery messages coming out of the first round of consultations have been referred to the relevant NSW Government agencies for advice. You can access these messages by clicking here.

How can I find out more?

Contact us at: ochre@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au.

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