Aboriginal Affairs can provide funding to support Cultural events/NAIDOC activities. Eligible organisations may apply for funding when grant schemes are announced. Applicants much complete an application form and address selection criteria.


Applications are now open, and will be accepted up to 19 April 2013.
Application Form 2013 NAIDOC
2013 NAIDOC Assessment Criteria

Applications should be directed to your local Aboriginal Affairs Regional Office. The program will be conducted jointly with Australian Government Indigenous Coordination Centres wherever possible, to maximise the impact of both grants programs and minimise duplication of effort and funding.

Please note that funds are limited. It may not be possible to support all applications.

Aboriginal Affairs may also provide funding to support other regionally significant cultural events. Applicants must demonstrate how the proposed activity would:

  • celebrate or revitalise aboriginal culture; and
  • provide a benefit across the broader Aboriginal community or across multiple Aboriginal communities

Please note that funds are limited. It may note be possible to support all applications.

Applications must be received at least 60 days (two months) before the staging of the event.

Applicants are invited to contact their Regional Office for application forms and further information.

Grants may also be available from the Office of Environment and Heritage. NSW Heritage Grants assist communities to care for their heritage and support local government in its role as manager of the majority of heritage locations in NSW. Information about Heritage Grants can be found here.

NSWALC Funeral Grants

Financial assistance for funeral expenses may be available from the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (NSWALC). Further enquiries should be directed to NSWALC via the Funeral Grants Hotline on (02) 9689 4470 or Free-call 1800 647 487.

Grants and Funding

The following websites may help you find other sources of government and non-government funding for key projects

These websites also provide valuable advice about the preparation of submissions and the grants application process.

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