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OCHRE Good Governance Guidelines Review

What is this consultation about?

The OCHRE Good Governance Guidelines (the Guidelines) were developed to assist the NSW Government and Regional Alliances work together to strengthen governance capacity within both Aboriginal communities and the public sector.

The Guidelines explain the steps that both Regional Alliances and the NSW Government need to take to progress through the different phases of Local Decision Making.

In January 2017 Aboriginal Affairs engaged Cox Inall Ridgeway to undertake an Independent Review of the Guidelines. The Review provides an opportunity to further scope and clarify the good governance principles required to progress through the stages of Local Decision Making (LDM), giving consideration to the ever evolving governance environment and capacity development needs of Regional Alliances and the NSW Government.

The Review has been undertaken in the context of lessons learned from the independent evaluation of the Murdi Paaki Accord Negotiation Process and in recognition of the need to clearly define the governance principles that must be demonstrated before the NSW Government and regional alliances can transition through the next phases of LDM.

Cox Inall Ridgeway undertook targeted consultations with Regional Alliances and government representatives from March to June 2017. Cox Inall Ridgeway prepared a Consultation Report to summarise the outcomes of these consultations. Cox Inall Ridgeway also used the feedback received from stakeholders to inform a revision of the Good Governance Guidelines.

A public consultation phase commenced on 10 July to allow Regional Alliances, government representatives and other stakeholders to provide feedback on the Revised Good Governance Guidelines. This consultation phase will conclude on 31 July 2017.

What will happen to the information I give?

Your feedback will contribute the finalisation of the Good Governance Guidelines which will:

Your feedback will help ensure that the Guidelines meet the diverse needs of both Regional Alliances and the NSW Government.

Will I be identified?

Responses to this consultation are anonymous and held confidentially according the NSW Government’s privacy practices. The collections, storing, using and disclosing of personal information are regulated by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998.

How can I give feedback?

Consultation questions have been drafted to guide your comments. You do not need to answer all questions. Any other information that assists in the development of the guidelines is also welcome. Click here for the consultation questions.

Please submit your feedback to:

Yatu Widders-Hunt
Cox Inall Ridgeway
Email: Yatu.Widders-Hunt@coxinallridgeway.com.au

Have your say by 31 July 2017.

What if I need more information?

Should you wish to discuss the Guidelines or Local Decision Making in further detail, please contact:

Belinda Cormack
Aboriginal Affairs
Email: Belinda.Cormack@aboriginalaffairs.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 9561 1242