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Solution Brokerage

OCHRE, the NSW Aboriginal affairs plan establishes a new cross-government Solution Broker role for Aboriginal Affairs.

Solution brokerage is the coordinated resolution of issues to bring about improved outcomes in Aboriginal communities.

It requires NSW Government agencies to work with each other, and to collaborate with non-government organisations to find practical solutions to issues that:

Policy & Operational Framework

The Solution Brokerage Policy and Operational Framework sets out the whole-of-government operational and accountability arrangements for the delivery of solution brokerage. The Framework provides context and defines what solution brokerage is, how it will operate and the requirement of NSW government agencies to actively participate.

For further information on Solution Brokerage please go to:
Solution Brokerage - Policy & Operational Framework
Solution Brokerage - Fact Sheet
Solution Brokerage - FAQ
Solution Brokerage - Process diagram

Premier’s Memorandum

In March 2015, the Hon. Mike Baird, MP, NSW Premier, issued a Premier’s Memorandum which provides the mandate for Aboriginal Affairs to coordinate solution brokerage across government and requires NSW Government agencies to work flexibly with Aboriginal Affairs and implement Solution Brokerage Response Plans.

The Premier’s Memorandum and Policy & Operational Framework will guide the cross-cluster operation of Solution Brokerage.

You can access the Premier’s Memorandum via the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet: M2015-02-Solution Brokerage.

How are Solution Brokerage issues identified?

The authority to invoke the solution broker functions is vested in the Head of Aboriginal Affairs. Each request will be assessed and will only be declared as a solution broker issue if its meets the solution brokerage criterion.

For an issue to be declared a Solution Brokerage issue, it must:

Examples of Solution Brokerage

Eden Local Aboriginal Land Council – Land and Economic Participation Solution Brokerage Accord


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