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Rate Exemptions

Local Aboriginal Land Councils can be exempt from the payment of rates and charges to Local Government Authorities and water supply authorities on certain types of lands.

The types of lands which may be exempt from rates include:

To obtain a rates exemption for land which is not being used for a residential purpose, but is declared by the Local Aboriginal Land Council to be of cultural or spiritual significance the Minister must approve the Council’s members’ resolution that the land is not being used for a residential purpose and is of spiritual or cultural significance to Aboriginal people. This can include land being used for a commercial purpose such as a cultural centre or museum.

‘Commercial’ or ‘Residential’ Land

What constitutes a ‘commercial’ or ‘residential’ land use purpose is not always clear and needs to be determined on a case by case basis. Decisions made by previous Ministers of Aboriginal Affairs can provide some guidance. However they should only be used as a guide because the definition of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’ land uses depends on the individual circumstances and may need to be negotiated between the Land Council and the Local Government Authority.

For further information download Information on Rates Exemptions or contact: